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To Bury A Cat: A Clown Show

March 2 – April 21, 2012

Clowns On A Stick

Show Description:
To Bury A Cat: A Clown Show is a showcase for those masters of funny bone crunching, check pinching shenanigans Clowns On A Stick. It is a simple show that will offend no one (except perhaps cat lovers), but will mesmerize everyone.  After a wonderful reception of its initial run in 2011, the poor cat is being resurrected for a second run in Sonoma County, San Francisco, and a one night only stop off at Studio Quercus in Oakland.
A woman is trying to bury her beloved cat but is having trouble letting go, both figuratively and literally. The minister is impatient and impious and the gravedigger is sure to get something wrong with every task. Dead people come back to life, patty cake girls give gravitas to absurd ceremonies and the brilliant live accompaniment of Rob Reich on accordian and Bernie Jungle on percussion/foley round out a play with no text, but lots of subtext and overtext and texture and taxidermy and taxis!
This is clown in the classic sense: fearless, hyperbolic, tender, and always on the verge of utter chaos.  Clowns On A Stick—Lluis Valls (The Minister), Christina Lewis (The Mourner), and James Pelican (The Gravedigger)--has been honing their style together for the better part of a decade now, but separately have strung together many more years than that as clowns, actors, teachers, provocateurs, and champions of the underdog. Their style pays homage at every turn to the masters of the art, but their combined sensibility is as unique as the clown characters that they have forged over the years.

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